Step Change in Finding Prospective Customers

Finding prospective customers

Finding prospective customers – this client had tried everything: marketing advisers, advertising, website landing pages, seo, adwords, email campaigns and more….

Sound familiar?

Quick as a flash we put our Bow Ties on  to investigate (hey bow ties are cool) using our Discovery service.

It didn’t take too much digging to get to the bottom of the problem.  This client had been focussing all their energy, time and money on trying different lead generation tactics.

But they had given very little thought to who their Target Market was and what the biggest problems, fears and desires of their Target Market were.

This meant they had a very weak and too general message in all their marketing.

Two workshops with us.  Target Market tightly defined.  A new Core Marketing Message that sizzled.

Outcome – a step change in their number of new prospective clients.

Job done.  Bow ties removed.