The Dream List

targeted marketing

This seller of computer systems had hit hard times.

After three years of stellar growth revenue had plateaued for two years and was now in decline.

What had got them to where they were was clearly not going to get them any further.

Our Discovery service revealed their revenue base was scattered with hundreds of small sales and three individual sales accounted for nearly 50% of their previous years revenue.

Our solution was to identify a Dream List of prospective customers that matched the profile of the customers behind the three big sales from the last year.

This Dream List was then marketed to relentlessly – using only educational based marketing, and without becoming a pest.

With 12 months this Dream List had resulted in seven new sales and four more sales in progress.

The result: stealer revenue growth was back on track.  And just as importantly there were new lead generation and sales processes in place that could be repeated over and over again.