Winning More Sales

winning more sales

Winning more sales was what this client needed – and in a hurry.  This IT services business was generating a healthy stream of new prospective customers – leads.

However they were rapidly going backwards in terms of profitability.

After an initial diagnosis we discovered that their sales conversion rate was under 4%. In other words for every 100 prospective customers they were attracting, they were only converting four out of the hundred as paying clients. This burned cash and created a lot of work in sales with very few rewards.

The reason the sales conversion rate was so low? Their sales people were all doing their own thing. There was no defined and agreed sales system or processes.

We then spent three days locked away with the sales team. We emerged at the end of the three days with best practice sales processes and an agreed system in which they would operate.

These sales processes were then put into action.

The result: an increase of the sales conversion rate form under 4% to 13.5% in 3 months. And after 6 months with some tuning to the processes the conversion rate was sitting at 19.7%

Bottom line: Profitability and revenue up substantially and a very happy client.