3 Reasons You Are Not Getting Referrals

1. Your business is not remarkable enough to motivate customers to refer you. Most businesses out there try to be good at delivering customer services and great results.  They TRY.  Your business has to deliver and this is based on your entire business being focused on great outcomes; not just the sales team. You need to remember that when you refer a person to a business you are taking a calculated chance that one  or more of these things DO NOT happen:

  •    Your experience was a fluke and the business you referred is really not that good.
  •    The business never follows up with the person referred.
  •    The business charges more for equivalent goods and services or does not pass on a discount or sale price.         Canary Wharf_pedestrians

2. You did not ask for a referral. The best way to get referrals is to ask for them early in the customer relationship. Our clients even include them in the proposals and agreements. Some of our clients use incentives for referrals as well such as movie tickets, gift cards, and other gifts that are fun and will create a memorable experience. Cash is fine but often it is just stashed in an account with any lasting memory.

3. You never follow up with your customers. Just because you have delivered an excellent result and your customer is happy, you do not cease all communications. Why throw away a great relationship? You have so many great ways to stay in touch, here are some simple ones:

  • A phone call
  • An invitation to an event.
  • Valuable and interesting information relating to either the product or service you delivered or a topic of interest you discovered in building your relationship.
  • Sponsor events like school fetes in the local area

Referrals are the easiest and strongest way to build a sustainable sales pipeline. It does not cost a lot of money or burn holes in your calendar.  Let us teach you how to get referrals happening in your business.