Your business has a story; go tell it.

A great business has a story. There is always a story to a business but many entrepreneurs and business owners forget to think about this and go the extra step to document it. The story of your business should be written in the first person. Writing the story is an […]

How to Generate New Ideas

Are you ever stuck for ideas? Is innovation important you and your organisation?  This short article by Simon Martin on the Business 2 Community website offers some excellent techniques to unleash the great ideas you already have. This article starts with an excellent example of Archimedes solving a problem asked […]

5 Tactics to Close More Sales Leads

These are five very basic tactics to convert more leads to sales. Behind each tactic are a number of considerations and action steps you need to execute to reach success. This is a basic list to get you started on crafting a sales process that is aligned with your strategy. […]

Cut Your Sales Cycle in Half

There is a flood of information on how to nurture inbound leads.  These methods are often based on using technology to respond to and engage with prospects who have visited your site and in most cases downloaded something offered there.  Once that transaction occurs the prospect should have no doubt […]