Stop pitching and start educating

Based on heaps of available research, your prospects are well along the sales journey before they even make contact or agree to meeting you in person. The frightening fact is there are many sales going on out there where the customer is not making any contact with anybody until they […]

The power of events

This afternoon we are running an event in Brisbane [Australia] for the ICT industry based in south east Queensland. Our event is going to deliver some tremendous value to the attendees and help in getting their mindset focused on a successful 2013. We began this project with a well crafted […]

LinkedIn for business development

Do you win new business through LinkedIn? If so why not share experiences – send us a comment with your story. If not then ask us for our Free Guide on how to. LinkedIn can generate new business leads for you (relatively painlessly). But like most things in life you […]

Naughty Harvey Norman and the power of social media.

Harvey Norman avoided a consumer backlash at the weekend through the use of social media. Melinda Reist says she was sent a Facebook alert about a Harvey Norman advertisement, which reportedly promoted the ability to have in-store photos with Santa but used the line “Do you want to give Santa […]