Recruitment is no guessing game

One of the worst things that can happen to a business [particular small ones] is to recruit a new sales professional and see no results.  We all know there are ramp up times but you can only extend funding for a limited time before you realise it is not working. […]

Tool Tip [#1}

What the heck,  I get asked all the time about the software tools we use in our business.  There is one that always captures the imagination when I demonstrate it.  Podio is definitely a ‘must consider’ if you have a business that involves medium to long sales cycles, consulting and […]

Are you a guru or a bozo?

If there is one thing I can’t stand is a consultant who approaches a prospective client like a business guru.  I think an awful lot of people are growing tired of the endless supply of self-help style business books penned by authors who on occasion have questionable real world experience […]

A deeper dive into SWOT

I think SWOT analysis may have earned a bad reputation in some circles. I was speaking to a new client last week and could almost see their eyes glaze over when I told him of my desire to undertake a SWOT session with his managers. SWOT analysis should not be […]

Now available for consulting companies!

Sales Ecosystem is now offering consulting companies the opportunity to license our systems and processes to dominate markets, grow revenue and build sustainable competitive advantage. If you are a consulting business looking to ignite massive growth in your revenues and wanting the chance to deliver our material to your clients […]