Happy Halloween….don’t eat your cash

This is not really a blog post in the standard of our Sales Ecosystem offerings.  It is really a ‘heads up’ to our regular readers and clients to remember the CASH FLOW.  We are about to enter the time of year when cash flow becomes very important.  Here are some […]

Sales 2.0?

This post is in answer to a number of questions that we received presenting at an educational seminar for businesses in Mackay in sunny Queensland Australia. Essentially the questions were premised around “why are a lot of the promotion and selling activities that we have been using not working as […]

Death by technology overload

Have you ever taken an audit of all the technology you use? You can include hardware if you want but my main focus here is on software; both on your hard drive and out there in the cloud somewhere. About a year ago I reached a point that was close […]

Want to fight?

Does your marketing get noticed? Does it make anyone angry?  Angry enough to pick a fight with you? Does it help prospective customers or clients to get to know you, like you or even trust you? If your answer to these questions is no then you need to reboot your […]

Silk purse or sows ear?

Some people just don’t get it.  You might be passionate about your business and its products and/or services but don’t expect me to pay a premium for it.  In the past few days I have been working with some business people who might not have de-toxed fully from the holiday […]

Lessons from a conference

I have returned from a two day conference in Melbourne. I often dread conferences but they usually turn out pretty good once I get there and start to engage with other attendees. This particular conference attracts some very interesting speakers and attendees in a friendly open atmosphere. What really surprised […]

Data Mesmerisation

Ok- up front I can admit that data analysis is not a strong point. Through many parts of my life as an entrepreneur I avoided data analysis at my peril; other times I had good people do the analysis for me. The main thing is you do it. There is […]