Do you know who you are?

That can be a tough question and one that can be considered confronting. I use this question when I speak to business owners and leaders all the time. I don’t direct this question to the individual, I direct it to the business. I typically get one of two responses, “of […]

Is Your IT Business Growing Too Slowly?

The solution starts with an IT SPEED Profile. The IT SPEED Profile will take less than 15 minutes to complete.  It is based on a set of straight forward questions.  You complete the questions online.  You get the full report on what is holding your business back – it is […]

Performance Managing Sales Activity

How do you performance manage your sales activity?  Performance management is measurement and I have yet to meet a quota killing sales professional who does not understand the importance of measurement.  Measurement of sales activity is critical to helping move your business from ‘reactive stagnation’ to ‘sustained predictable growth.’  Sales […]

Death by technology overload

Have you ever taken an audit of all the technology you use? You can include hardware if you want but my main focus here is on software; both on your hard drive and out there in the cloud somewhere. About a year ago I reached a point that was close […]

Are you really busy or enaged in frenetic activity?

Check out this article for a reality check.  This piece by Tim Kreider has had a lot of people commenting on the internet.  It has a lot to do with concepts like focus, meaning, vision and values as well as more basic stuff like how you manage your time and […]

Inertia…….the silent killer

I was going to have a rant about inertia but I have calmed down a bit.  About an hour ago I had a case book example of a company that is compromising its fundamental capacity to succeed with inertia.  Inertia is actually a word that lends itself to being a […]

The three obstacles stopping you from achieving your goals

We often work with consultants and business owners who can set goals well but often fail to achieve their goals.  In some cases they end up back where they started or they make little progress.  Why? In our experience three main reasons. 1. Inaction normally due to fear.  Primarily fear […]