Stop pitching and start educating

Based on heaps of available research, your prospects are well along the sales journey before they even make contact or agree to meeting you in person. The frightening fact is there are many sales going on out there where the customer is not making any contact with anybody until they […]

Your business has a story; go tell it.

A great business has a story. There is always a story to a business but many entrepreneurs and business owners forget to think about this and go the extra step to document it. The story of your business should be written in the first person. Writing the story is an […]

What other choice do you have?

We had an introductory discussion with a potential client last week that captures the mental conundrum many business owners and leaders are facing.  Despite the so called healthy economy there are plenty of small to medium businesses out there stalling and worse shrinking.  They are finding it harder to compete […]