10 Habits of an effective sales professional

Develop credibility and thought leadership in your domain. Establish a network of quality contacts in your domain – even if they are competitors. Research and study constantly to expand your domain knowledge. Reasearch and study topics in the periphery of your domain knowledge to gain a big picture perspective. Explore […]

Sales is not always about sales

You may not be meeting your sales targets and wondering how you are going to fix it. Forget about all the obvious reasons and consider that your sales performance is not about sales at all. There may be another reason that is totally off your radar right now. Your company […]

Three Ways to Convert More Leads to Sales

Here’s a simple business truth: No matter how many leads you get through the door, if you can’t convince them to BUY, it won’t do you a bit of good! Here are three critical ways to get interested parties over the hump: 1)—Credibility, Credibility, Credibility. Before someone will hand over […]

What other choice do you have?

We had an introductory discussion with a potential client last week that captures the mental conundrum many business owners and leaders are facing.  Despite the so called healthy economy there are plenty of small to medium businesses out there stalling and worse shrinking.  They are finding it harder to compete […]