How we do facilitation

Professional Facilitation You will have a facilitator who has deep experience in senior organisational leadership and has worked with a wide and diverse range of clients. You are assured that the work will get done and clear outcomes and next actions are identified from your facilitated workshop. We make it […]

Your Map to More Sales in 2014

We hope you can use this mind- map during some holiday down time to help plan out a great strategy and some tactics to get more sales in 2014.  Click on the link and dive into this map to create some competitive advantages to set you apart from your competitors. […]

Performance Managing Sales Activity

How do you performance manage your sales activity?  Performance management is measurement and I have yet to meet a quota killing sales professional who does not understand the importance of measurement.  Measurement of sales activity is critical to helping move your business from ‘reactive stagnation’ to ‘sustained predictable growth.’  Sales […]

Behind every good strategy is meaning.

Do you really think you and your team will successfully execute a strategy without an understanding of the meaning behind the strategy?  Without an understanding of the significance of the strategic objectives it is naïve to expect the full energies of your people to be tapped. People discover and create […]