Want to fight?

Does your marketing get noticed? Does it make anyone angry?  Angry enough to pick a fight with you? Does it help prospective customers or clients to get to know you, like you or even trust you? If your answer to these questions is no then you need to reboot your […]

Are People Talking About You?

You better hope people are talking about you and your business. A business that get’s talked about is a business that has risen above the boring and mundane. You need a ‘talkable difference’ as Jantsch calls it.  Something so remarkable and unusual or unexpected that people talk about it. At […]

Are You Fixing The Wrong Problem

Revenue isn’t going as well as planned. Sales aren’t what they should be. Targets are not being hit. This is the situation that a prospective client of ours found themselves in not so long ago. They had tried sales training and had replaced some sales people and revamped their product […]