The Foundation

The Foundation of your predictable revenue growth is developing absolute clarity on your Target Market(s) and your Core Messages(s) for each target  market.

The first step in building a strong foundation is to identify your target market.

This means being clear on who your ideal clients are. What the problems and challenges are that they face when choosing a business or solution or product like yours and indeed what are their fears and desires when choosing a business or solution or product like yours.

The purpose of your core message is not to try and convince people to do something. Instead you’re going to get their attention by showing them how to solve a problem or fulfill a need or desire that’s already front of mind for them.

When you put your own needs aside and you’re able to focus just on your prospective customers and their needs, that’s when the real magic of marketing happens. That’s when the real breakthroughs in lead generation happen.

And this is what we are talking about when we talk about identifying your core message.

When you can clearly and concisely articulate what your prospective clients want/need/desire, in a way that they’re compelled to call you or meet with you to get more information, you have got your core message right.