How Did A Removal Company Go From 70 Leads per Month to 955 Leads Per Month?

basset&rocketHow did a removal company go from 70 leads per month to 955 leads per month?  And how you can copy them.  

Years ago there was a moving company that was on the verge of bankruptcy. They were paying $3,000 per month for a full page ad in their Yellow Pages directory. They were averaging just 70 calls per month, and their conversion ratio was only 16%. So out of 70 calls every month, they were only getting 11 moving jobs. No wonder the Business Owners were starving.

Their ad concluded with an offer that was “call us”… and then they listed their phone number. They had no interrupt at the top of their ad, just the name of their company. Then they listed all the generic and “me too” services that every one of their competitors also listed in their ads…

Local, Long Distance, Reliable, Careful, Insured, Free Estimates, Quality Service etc. etc.

We re-designed their ad and here’s what happened.

First, they identified the biggest problem their customers and potential customers had when moving. Without hesitation, it was DAMAGE! 72% of all moves result in something being damaged. That’s the area they needed to focus on then, and create a market-dominating position around that hot button issue.

We changed the headline of their ad to:

“Last Year, More Than 4,000 Damage And Negligent Lawsuits Were Filed Against Moving Companies By Outraged Homeowners!”

Think that headline will grab the attention of prospective movers? You bet.

But let’s not stop there. Next, let’s engage the prospect by promising them a solution to the problem we referenced in the headline… in this case, damage prevention.

Ask Any Mover These 2 Questions To Insure You Won’t Be Victimised Or “Ripped Off” By Deceptive Industry Practices”.

Now, when a prospect reads this subheadline… do you think they will want to immediately find out what those two questions are? Of course they will.

The ad then educated prospects on the two questions to ask any removal company.

Their offer was a free moving company comparison checklist that highlights the survey they did… showing the prospect that they were the ONLY moving company in town that offered all of these desired benefits. 

This ad made them the no-brainer choice in the moving industry in their area, and the results they generated from this new Yellow Page ad: Instead of averaging just 70 calls per month… their new ad averaged 955 calls per month. 

As a trial of a new service I would like to invite up to 20 Businesses to take part in a FREE Four Week Lead Generation Make Over.

This will be done online to generate the kind of outcomes for your business that this removal company got.

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