Sales is not always about sales

You may not be meeting your sales targets and wondering how you are going to fix it. Forget about all the obvious reasons and consider that your sales performance is not about sales at all. There may be another reason that is totally off your radar right now.

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Your company structure may be the real root cause for mediocre or failing sales performance. A high performance sales organisation must be structured correctly. Let me explore some ideas that my help you consider if your business is structured for high performance sales.

  1. You have no director or ‘C’ level person fully accountable for sales. I cannot count how many business I have worked with where this is the case. The company owners and directors have a messy blend of lack of accountability and lack of measurement in all sorts of business areas, but if they have no person accountable for sales performance it can be deadly.
  2. The person who sells has other responsibilities in the business. Sales requires total focus and is demanding intellectually, physically and emotionally. You are in sales or you are not. If you are a solopreneur or micro business this situation is a fact of life, but there are ways to still perform highly in sales. If your business is beyond this stage and you lack a dedicated focused salesperson you need to change this fast.
  3. You do not recruit sales talent properly. If you do not use a rigorous interview process and some kind of behavioural assessment then you are set up for failure. When you have a failure in your recruitment you lose money and time. Who is responsible for recruiting a talented sales person? If you do not have the skills, invest in the services of an experienced recruiter specialising in sales people.
  4. Your business offers no support for your sales person. In some industries the sales person may not need a great deal of support and in others they may need more. The key point here is the more support you offer the more time your sales person is selling.
  5. Related to number 1 is the need to have a director or ‘C’ level person meet regularly with the sales person(s) and offer feedback, assistance, coaching or mentoring. Too many businesses treat sales people as appendages rather than key members of the team.

Take some time to consider these ideas before you react to poor sales performance.  Get in touch if you would like to get some ideas on how to deal with one or more of these situations. Sales is not always about sales.