Building a killer sales process with Evernote

One of my clients was finding it difficult and time consuming to share information with prospects entering or engaged in the sales cycle.  We used Evernote to create a massive transformation to my client’s business. There were a few issues with prospect communication that kept my client from being productive […]

Stop pitching and start educating

Based on heaps of available research, your prospects are well along the sales journey before they even make contact or agree to meeting you in person. The frightening fact is there are many sales going on out there where the customer is not making any contact with anybody until they […]

CRM Sucks!

If you concur with this statement then read on!  If you are a business owner or manager and you concur with this statement then we have some work to do.  In our consulting business we lose track of how many times we are told by sales representatives that their ‘CRM […]